ATAPS - waste management CRM system

ATAPS is a customer relationship management (CRM) system or software, which has been specially developed and adapted to waste management companies that collect waste.

ATAPS allows companies to save not only time, but also financial and human resources by automating and optimising the daily tasks of waste management and collection and provides the company’s management with clear information on the workflow, customers, employee and vehicle work load, routes and other necessary information that helps in making strategic decisions for the growth of the company.

The price policy and functionality makes the ATAPS system especially suitable for small and medium waste management and collection companies (with up to 40 units in the rubbish truck fleet).

We also use our experience and develop the route, workload, and rostering optimization algorithms adapted to the business needs and integrate them seamlessly into existing IT systems.

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Smart support keeping environment clean.


Since July 2019, ATAPS Offers a New Feature: Route Optimisation


At the Latvian Geospatial Information Technology Conference of 8 December 2017, a representative of SIA Clean R shared experience by introducing an information technology (IT) solution in their company that allows optimisation of the work tasks of waste collectors. The optimisation process ensuring that the customers’ waste collectors must visit on any given day were grouped in a way that enabled them to take the shortest/fastest route possible, resulting in time, fuel and human resource savings. This IT solution allowed the company to save about 7%.