In 2024 we start cooperation with BNKS


In February 2024, Bauska Municipality Utilities starts working with the ATAPS system. In order to make the start of work smoother, many thousands of customer data were imported into the system, and the quality of the data during the import process was improved - customer addresses were arranged according to the data of the Cadastre Register and Address Register of the Republic of Latvia, coordinates of all addresses were retrieved, which allows to more efficiently review the existing routes and reschedule routes in the future in order to make them more efficient.

Since July 2019, ATAPS Offers a New Feature: Route Optimisation


At the Latvian Geospatial Information Technology Conference of 8 December 2017, a representative of SIA Clean R shared experience by introducing an information technology (IT) solution in their company that allows optimisation of the work tasks of waste collectors. The optimisation process ensuring that the customers’ waste collectors must visit on any given day were grouped in a way that enabled them to take the shortest/fastest route possible, resulting in time, fuel and human resource savings. This IT solution allowed the company to save about 7%.

SIA SAPIDUM Invests in the Development of ATAPS


SIA SAPIDUM makes notable investments in the development of the ATAPS system. As a result, ATAPS is now compatible with the latest technology platforms. The ATAPS infrastructure is transferred to more powerful servers, no less than doubling its speed of operation. The data backup policy is also updated, reducing the time needed for restoring the system in the case of damaged data or server issues to the absolute minimum. 

SIA SAPIDUM Takes Over System Maintenance, Distribution and Development Rights From SIA IDYNAMIC


As a result of restructuring SIA IDYNAMIC, a new company called SIA SAPIDUM is formed, which takes over the maintenance, development and sale of the ATAPS system. The team that has worked with ATAPS since the beginning remains the same, and SIA SAPIDUM inherits the accumulated industry knowledge.